Miscellaneous Application Features

To pause a distributed scene graph application:

  dmsg X pause on

If the application is distributed scene graph, X is the ID of an szgrender. If the application is master/slave, X is the component ID of one of the application instances.

To resume running:

  dmsg X pause off

To throttle/unthrottle the application's framerate to 5 fps:

  dmsg X delay on
  dmsg X delay off

To change the view mode:

  dmsg X viewmode anaglyph

For viewmode's values, see Viewport Lists.

To take a screenshot from raster position (A,B), with width C and height D:

  dmsg X screenshot A/B/C/D

The screenshot is saved in SZG_DATA/path with filename screenshot.Y.ppm, where integer Y is how many screenshots have been taken so far by X. (So avoid interleaving screenshot commands from multiple components, lest the files clobber each other.) Here's an example screenshot:

To send a message to your application that you can handle in your own code:

  dmsg X user blahblahblah

Your app's onUserMessage() method (userMessageCallback, for old-style apps) will be called with "blahblahblah".

To send single keypresses to your app (if e.g. you use the onKey() callback to change your app's state in standalone mode and can't be bothered to modify it for cluster mode):

  dmsg X key whee

...will cause the app's onKey() method to be called four times, once each with 'w', 'h', 'e', 'e'.