If you're planning on modifying the libraries, see also Compiler Idiosyncrasies

Notes for Windows Users

Windows users need to take some extra care in compiling their programs.

Environment Variables

A number of environment variables control the build process.

Using the Build Template

Syzygy has a build system designed for writing cross-platform applications, hiding the differences from the programmer. If your build directory is simultaneously mounted on different platforms, you can compile both versions of your code at once.

The directory szg/skeleton represents a build template for your applications. Copy and re-name that entire directory as you like. The source files go in skeleton/src. Modify skeleton/build/makefiles/Makefile.my_app to specify what gets built. After you've set things up, typing 'make' in the top-level directory will build your application (assuming you've compiled the Syzygy libraries first, of course). Typing 'make clean' in the same place will remove built executables and object files. The compiled executable will end up in skeleton/build/<platform> (e.g. skeleton/build/win32 on Windows) and in the directory pointed to by the SZGBIN environment variable. If SZGBIN is not set, $SZGHOME/bin/<platform> will be used.

The contents of szg/skeleton:

Include-file hints