The two tables of demos below list a few example Syzygy progams, along with a few important bits of information about each:

  1. The source code location; programs in szg/src/demo are part of the base distribution, whereas those in szgdemo are part of a separate package.
  2. A brief description.

Demo Table

Name Source Code Location Description Data distribution required
atlantis src/demo/atlantis A port of the GLUT demo to our system. A school of dolphins, sharks, and whales swims around in a clustered formation.
coaster src/demo/coaster A port of the GLUT demo. Ride a roller coaster.
hspace src/demo/hspace A visualization of hyperbolic geometry, non-Euclidean three-space tiled with dodecahedra. The projection into Euclidean space is controlled by the joystick (backwards/fowards plus what looks like a rotate).
schprel src/demo/schprel A visualization of the warping effects caused by travelling near the speed of light.

Running Example Programs

There are two basic ways to interact with the demos: in Cluster Mode using a 6DOF-tracked input device with buttons and joysticks, or in Standalone Mode using the Input Simulator.