Input devices usually transmit data to other Syzygy programs through the program DeviceServer, which loads device driver libraries (see Input Devices).

This chapter lists loadable device drivers included in Syzygy. Of course, you can write your own drivers too.

Some devices are configured with extra database parameters. These parameters have a service name corresponding to a parameter group (e.g., SZG_JOYSTICK for joystick devices). They are associated with the computer running DeviceServer.

Device Drivers in the Base Distribution

The following device drivers interface with a single hardware device. For examples with parameters, replace <computer> with the name of the computer running DeviceServer.

Wiimote (experimental)

5DT Data Glove (new)


Intel Wireless Gamepad

Sorry, no longer supported

Ascension MotionStar


Ascension SpacePad

<computer> SZG_TRACKER transmitter_offset

Matrix (16 floats in OpenGL order) by which we post-multiply the device's matrix. Corrects for angled transmitter antenna.

<computer> SZG_TRACKER sensor1_rot 0/0/1/-90

A rotation by which we pre-multiply the device's matrix. Corrects for sensors mounted at an angle. Here, sensor 1 (wand) has been rolled 90 degrees to the left about the vector (0,0,1), i.e., the z-axis.

Ascension Flock of Birds

0: Bird
1: Transmitter
2: Transmitter and bird
3: ERT
4: ERT and bird

<computer> SZG_FOB com_port 4

Serial port to which the Flock-of-Birds is attached. The number is 1-based on all platforms, which means that e.g. on Linux you need to add one (/dev/xxxxx0 is Syzygy port 1).

<computer> SZG_FOB baud_rate 38400

Baud rate of the Flock, one of 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200.

<computer> SZG_FOB hemisphere lower

Hemisphere of the transmitter in which the birds fly, one of front, rear, upper, lower, left, right.

<computer> SZG_FOB transmitter_offset 1/0/0/0/0/1/0/0/0/0/1/0/0/0/0/1

Matrix by which we post-multiply the device's matrix. Corrects for angled transmitter, just like SpacePad.

<computer> SZG_TRACKER sensor1_rot 0/0/1/90

A rotation by which we pre-multiply the device's matrix, to correct for angled birds. Same as SpacePad.

Ascension Flock of Birds (proprietary)

Motion Analysis EVaRT

Intersense Tracker


Serial-port Switch


Transformation to Syzygy Coordinates

For a HowTo about getting your tracker data mapped in to Syzygy coordinates, see Tracker Coordinate Conversion