This is Syzygy version 1.3. If you have been using an earlier version, see the changelog for how to modify earlier practices.

Email bug reports, feature requests, and questions to Camille Goudeseune or Jim Crowell (see the ISL 'People' website).

Also, see the Syzygy website.

Syzygy was invented by Benjamin Schaeffer.

Where To Begin

The documentation's "Getting Started" system teaches you how to

Gradually work up to a full cluster, taking time to understand how Syzygy's distributed operating system works. Learn how the included applications are built and how their data files are installed. This will make it easier for you to write your own portable cluster applications.

When you're comfortable with the introductory material, learn how to write Syzygy programs in C++ or Python, and read descriptions of some of the APIs in Syzygy Programming.

What Does "ar" Mean?

In its source code, Syzygy objects are all prefixed with "ar", which stands for "artificial reality". The "vr" prefix, which would be another logical choice, is simply too common, and, in any case, Syzygy is useful in domains other than VR.