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VSS has two parts: a server (vss or vss.exe), and a client library (vssClient.h and libsnd.a) for building apps that talk to the server.

The client library is included in version 3.1.

Servers more recent than that are available; choose the one that best matches your computer.

Version 4.1, December 2012

No longer needs extra audio packages, such as ALSA‘s OSS compatibility layer. (This is not a .tar.gz archive. It’s a gzipped binary. There’s nothing to build or install. Just gunzip it, chmod a+x, and then you’ll have a binary to run.)

Version 4, March 2011

This is only the vss server. It is compatible with applications built with VSS 3.1 clients; all the 3.1 documentation still applies to it. (It is just a gzipped binary, not an archive. See the note for version 4.1.)

It needs no shared libraries (DLLs or DSOs).

It is a pure command-line application that opens no windows.

Version 3.1, October 2000